Trust Your Turf to a Certified Turf Installer in Austin, TX

Beautiful results that last

When it comes to artificial turf installation, Synthetic Turf World is a step above the rest. Our staff can help you through your DIY installation or come out and do high-quality installation work, from start to finish.

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How we'll install your artificial grass

Whether you're planning to do the installation yourself or have one of our team members create a beautiful space for you, it's important to understand the artificial turf installation process.

As a certified turf installer, our company will follow the best practices, including:

  • Pre-Installation: Remove all grass and plants, then locate pipes and wiring
  • Base preparation: Install three inches of base material and level
  • Base compaction: Use a powerful ground leveler to tamp down and level the base
  • Cut and fit turf: Trim and place the turf snuggly around patios and structures
  • Tuck the edges: Use a special tool to tuck the edges of the turf down
  • Add filler: Apply this fine substrate to keep your turf lush and full
  • Final grooming: Power brush the turf to settle the filler and fluff blades

After theses steps are complete, we'll be sure to leave things clean and follow up on any issues you have.

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