You Don't Mow It. You Maintain It.

Make sure to schedule routine artificial turf maintenance in Austin, TX

When you work with Synthetic Turf World, it's our priority to make sure that your product is properly installed and maintained. Regular artificial grass maintenance ensures a long-lasting product. We offer plans that include grooming and repair four times per year.

Our staff is equipped with water jets and enzyme spray for cleaning, and we can repair rips, tears and other issues. We also correct improper installations. Need lines painted for a sporting event? Let us do that, too.

Add a maintenance plan for artificial grass maintenance at your Austin, TX location today.

How to maintain your artificial grass

There are three essential steps for routinely cleaning and maintaining your artificial turf. By following these steps monthly, your turf will stay clean and look great for years to come. You will need a hose, a leaf blower and a plastic rake for artificial turf maintenance.

The process is as follows:

  • Remove debris from the grass using the leaf blower or manually.
  • Rinse your turf using the hose with cool water.
  • Brush the grass with the rake, making sure to go with the grain.
By following these artificial turf maintenance steps, you'll keep your property looking great.

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